12th July 2020

12th July 2020

Further progress has been made with the various Legendary Ten Seconds Projects. Andy England has recorded his wife Bridgit singing some lovely harmony vocals at their home in Madron, Cornwall for my song about the Brixham Mayflower. I have uploaded the Logic project of the song into drop box for Lord Zarquon. Hopefully this one can be included on the Pageant of Torbay Part Two album.

A few days ago I recorded a new vocal for the song that I composed with Ashley Mantle called 'God aid the Marshal'. This tune should be included on the Amazing Songs album. I think we are nearly there with this album and I need Lord Zarquon to let me know the order of the tracks so that I can submit it for digital distribution. I've decided not to include the song about Santa being grumpy because I don't want more than one festive song on the album. I'm also not sure about the song called 'Lease to Your Heart'. This is another one that I composed with Ashley Mantle. At the moment the mastered version of the song doesn't include my best ever guitar solo and I am hoping that I can persuade Lord Zarquon to produce another version with this solo. I really feel that the guitar solo adds an extra dynamic to the song. Editor Note: I’m glad he feels his guitar part is good as a certain other person feels it wasnt that good ha ha!!

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