28th June 2020

28th June 2020

Recording songs with Lord Zarquon has been a great inspiration for me. He has given me lots of new ideas. I have enjoyed listening to a few songs by the Strawbs because of him that I probably wouldn't have heard if it hadn't been for his recommendation. Phil Swann let me borrow one of his Strawbs albums called Baroque and Roll. This is an album of acoustic recordings and he suggested that perhaps I could record something similar with him. I think that Lord Zarquon thought highly of this album and so I am now recording another album although this time Lord Zarquon isn't involved with it. I hope he doesn't mind and I think he has got enough on his plate at the moment trying to finish the recordings for the Amazing Songs and Pageant of Torbay albums.

Graham Moores has painted a great album cover for the acoustic album project which I have decided to call Acoustic Album 2020.


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